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Are you an African American intrested in free business promotion? This opportunity is for a limited time only. We know how hard it can be, starting a business with limited capital. For those interested in free web and social media promotion, you will be able to submit high quality images with a short description. Talk about your business, services you provide or product, how your company began and finally contact information. We want to empower black entrepreneurs of the diaspora, with this limited time free advertising promotion. Email: diasporabusinessnews@gmail.com

A Black Businesses Network

Black Business | Citizens Trust Bank

Bad Credit Solutions

We may not be familiar with all of our options, to bank and buy black. Citizens Trust Bank is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They have options available to help you rebuild your credit, their secured card is one option. If your looking to buy a home, they have a down payment assistance program. With options to bank, borrow and invest, this seems like a no brainer. To top it all off, they have a mobile app called Card Valet, and online banking options. Cynthia N. Day is the President and CEO of Citizens Trust Bank #blackowned. You can support this business at the links above or the buttons below.

Black Business | Entertainment Studios

Picture by TheWrap.com

Entertainment Studios, is a black owned global media company. Owned in whole by Byron Allen, a talented comedian turned businessman. He founded the company 26 years ago, this shows what can be achieved through hard work and persistence. Although he faced many adversities, he never gave up on his dream. Byron’s company has assets of over one billion dollars. Including his new high profile purchase of The Weather Channel. Entertainment Studio (ESN) has two legs. The first being, Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures:

The second leg of the company is, Entertainment Studios Networks a group of nine high definition cable networks operated by Entertainment Studios Inc. Support his company by clickingthe links above or the buttons below. Remember your not just buying black, you’re buying better.

Black Business | The Black Dollar Store

In this post, we’ll be discussing The Black Dollar Store. They strive to give their people affordable quality products. This e-store, is committed to helping you look your best. They have the perfect combination of womens clothes, mens clothes, shoes, electronics and accessories that are tailored to meet your needs. Their website functionality works well, across all devices. Remember the only way to change the narrative, is for us to take action. This isn’t just buying black, it’s buying better. Click the buttons below, to support them today.

Black Businesses | Tulsa Real Estate Fund

Ever want to invest in real estate and didn’t have the capital neccessary, or liquidity. You can start a Tulsa Real Estate Investment Account for as little as $500 dollars. Build your wealth and legacy partnering with TREF, a black owned real estate investment fund. Named in honor of the prominent African American community in Tulsa also known as “Black Wall Street“. The founder Jay Morrison is a business mogul, social disruptor and visionary forward thinker. He is a real estate investor and developer, who wants to help build wealth in our communities across the United States. You’re not just investing black, but it’s also changing the narrative. You can support TREF by clicking links above or buttons below.

Black Business | Figgers Communications

Do you want to support a black owned phone company ? If you’re currently in the market for a new phone, or service provider. You can support Figgers Communications, and their new phone the F3 it features panoramic ultra HD display, 6.2″ edge to edge screen with 4K display, 2.6hz AI chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. These are just a few of the capabilities, the Figgers F3 utilizes. For a new phone with cutting edge technology, its price tag of $399 is very fairly priced. They also have unlimited plans for $60 a month. You wouldn’t just be buying black, it’s buying better.

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